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Boomer Alert – Born Before 1965?

The market is flooded with people aged 50-65, and it’s not true that these jobseekers can’t find good positions. There are special considerations that factor in, and there are industries that are more receptive to 50-somethings than to 30-somethings. In fact, there are sectors where older workers are preferred. Ask us about the two most important things Baby Boomers need to do when job hunting.

** The Parenthood Plus **

Despite the fact that mothers receive 10-15% lower pay than their peers without children, a working paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests parents are superior performers. The study looked at publications from nearly 10,000 economists and concluded that women with children produced more work “at nearly every stage” of their typical 30-year careers. This proved true even considering productivity dips while the women were raising toddlers. Those women made up for that lost output by “being hyperproductive” before and after the early years of parenting. Yes: Motherhood hones skills in time management, multi-tasking, prioritizing, and succeeding while sleep deprived. Is anyone surprised?

The Biggest Mistake People Make During Interviews

You’d be surprised to know, but I can tell you.

Also, are you ready for these quirky interview questions???,27.htm




If You Feel Paralyzed, Remember: Action is the Antidote

Job hunting is a very “popular” activity, and in some cases you must compete with hundreds, even thousands (the janitorial posting at Kaiser Permanente, which netted 5615 responses, is now the stuff of legend). It takes patience, grit, and flexibility; but yes, there are jobs. There are “pockets of prosperity” in many sectors and one recipe for failure is–not trying. In fact, not trying is one definition of failure.

Fear need not be a deterrent; fear can be an engine.

All employers have problems, and you must be the solution.

And speaking of “positioning” yourself, try getting out of your chair.

Embracing the vertical

Some Wisdom About Words

If you research job hunting, you will uncover a lot about technology: digital applications, web interfaces, etherbridges, net branding, media linkage, e-blasts, farcebook, Pinterest, etc. ad infinitum. Don’t get tangled in the tech impositions. Here is the truth about resumes and job hunting: Everything comes down to words. WORDS. It doesn’t matter if you have a video resume, a twitter feed, a blog, a sandwich board, a poster, a passenger pigeon, a Tumblr account, a star-quality photo on your LinkedIn page, a skywriting Cessna or a super app: Everything comes down to words, and words are what we give you.

One promise I will make to you is that I shall never, not in speaking or in writing (other than this one time, to explain), use the word “awesome.”

WORDS. The best tool is not technology or gloss; the best tool is sharply honed, excruciatingly accurate, and incomparably fine writing. This is our metier. In words we trust.

Speaking of words, not many people know that “career” is also a verb; it means to go very fast (“careen” means something else entirely). If you undertake an etymological search, you pass through Latin and Middle French and find “car” and “street,” so you have come to the right place. I can help you “go very fast” (career) in your job search; I can improve your career (noun) success, and my first name is a kind of street. What’s not to like?

Helping Clients Worldwide From Our Portland Office

Yes, we have an office in a commercial building. We have brick and mortar on the outside and carpet/greenery on the inside. You may visit for writing, printing, editing, coaching, and research services, as well as an actual crystal ball (which has such superpowers it started a fire on the desk!) and a magic wand. In-office appointments are available for non-smokers.

However, we have clients in the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Asia, South America, and nearly every state; so e-lationships are a big part of the CRS platform.


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