Recent Client Comments via E-mail and Phone

I don’t know which is more fun, my job, or working with you. Thanks again.

A.H., Executive Chef

Lane, just wanted you to know I just landed a great job due to your wonderful and super resume. I can’t thank you enough! It just took one day!

Patrick C, Purchasing Specialist

You’re amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Everything looks wonderful.  I really can’t thank you enough!!!! The resume looks great!!!!

KH, Stay-home mom returning to work

Lane was a tremendous help to me when I began my search for a new job. I was looking to move into a different type of job than I had previously held, but I had not been having much luck in getting even an interview. I had Lane critique my cover letter and resume for a job I had recently applied for but did not get, and asked her advice on what I could do better. In her critique she provided not only technical advice about layout and formatting, but also gave very practical advice on how to approach the tone and direction of both documents. After implementing all of her advice, I got an interview on the very next job I applied for. She nailed it, completely! She has a deep understanding of what it takes to stand out in the job market and what employers are looking for. I was more than pleased with her services and she will be the only person I recommend to friends and colleagues for career advice.

CB, Nonprofit Program Coordinator

Just wanted to thank you for rewriting my resume in October, as I was able to accept an amazing job opportunity today!  I did not apply for the two jobs I mentioned during that time but applied for two others in November. I was interviewed within days of submitting my resume and was in the final for both job openings.  I just accepted the job in a {XXXXX}

EG, Comptroller

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I am starting my new job this week.  Thanks to your expert recommendations for updating my resume, I was able to secure the first job I applied for!! “Thank you” is really not sufficient for what I feel.  I have applied for dozens of jobs with no luck, not even an interview.  Your recommendations resulted in an interview on the first job. Again, I can not tell you enough what this new start means for me.  Keep up the good work, you are changing lives!

DK, Scheduler/Planner, Business Manager

WOW I’m speechless!!!! I don’t know how you do it, you’re amazing.  I can’t wait to submit and see how blown away they are at it.  Thank you again so much Lane I could not feel so confident about going after these jobs if I didn’t have your letters to give me that boost of confidence. You’re one of a kind and I’m blessed to have found you!!!

MB, Buyer

It occurred to me that I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you for helping me with my resume. You know I sent it out to 4 places: got hired in 2 days at the first one and then still received calls back for 2 of the other 3 places, that I ended up declining, but still! I thought I was going to be at this for a while…

CG, Controller/Accountant

Lane, I believe that if you looked at the definition of “satisfied” and or “happy” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of me ;). I am ecstatic. The work you have done not only cleaned up the hodge-podge of info I had previously, but it truly captures my energetic, results-driven personality!

ST, Digital Marketing Specialist

Lane was extremely professional and attentive when putting together my CV for application to a well-known English university.  She took on a deluge of information and long drawn-out emails and condensed them into a nice end-product that is both accurate and reflects well on my application.  Having gone through the process once, I would use Lane again in a heartbeat.

CS, General Manager and MBA

Lane, just wanted to let you know I landed the job in (redacted). Thank you for all of your help! Worth every penny!

GO, Chief Operations Officer and Navy veteran

I decided to ask for a Christmas gift!  It was “the” gift I wanted more than anything.  What was it, the services of Lane!  The gift hasn’t disappointed!  I, (who lest me add, get people jobs for a job), have never seen a resume as beautifully/gorgeously done as Lane’s.  She has made something wholly unique, indispensable, and worthy of classification in the art world.  Thank you Lane!” 

CP, Program Director

Have I told you that I think you’re a genius? That’s perfect!

CM, Sales/Service Representative

Wow that looks amazing. It is a very significant upgrade to what I had before. Thank you so much.

JH, Business Strategist

Lane, You are a genius, you were able to put my enthusiasm and organize my thoughts into a great resume, letter and answers to the posting questions. Peace, THANK YOU!

JPT, recreation/activities director and business manager

Thank you so much for the resume, it looks great! I really like the format. And you make me sound amazing!

LL, Teacher and Family Advocate

I sent in two resumes and got two offers. People said I was stupid to pay for a resume service, but Lane, you were right about everything. My husband said “I can’t believe you got hired at your age” (67) but I did. I would recommend you to ANYONE for anything.

KN, Caregiver and Accordionist

Your resume skills are genius!

KK, Specialty Sales Representative

Lane: I’ve been very successful in interviewing for many positions and many have commented on my professional resume.  I’m excited to tell you that today, I accepted a job with (redacted) continuing in my field of HR.  I start (date redacted) and my new job is 5.2 miles from my home with no traffic compared to the 17 miles I have been traveling to work.  My new job  pays me 30k more a year then I was making (!), so I’m excited to start this new adventure with a great company. You’ll remember that my wife, whose resume you also did, got a job with (redacted) earlier this year, and we will now be working at the same building, different departments.  Thanks for your help again.

KBJ, Human Resources Manager

I just wanted to say “thank you” for all your help — worth every dime! 🙂  I really appreciate all the feedback and the extra time you took to answer all my questions.  I’m excited to start using my new and improved resume.  Wish me luck!

HS, Office Administrator





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