Timely Tip

timely-tipWanting to relocate? Prepare prepare prepare! I’ve been working with a client who wants to move to Chicago, and my advice to him is similar to advice I’d give anyone trying to change venues. Get an address in your target city; join groups in your target city; find contacts (Facebook, LinkedIn) in your target city, RESEARCH everything (housing, culture, traffic, key businesses/products/concerns) about that city. Make it EASY for an employer there to bring you in. State that you will cover your relocation costs, state a day/time when you can speak either in person or via Skype/Facetime, brandish your knowledge of and love for the target city. Send a letter citing specific things you know about the city. Communicate with people who live there (it’s easily done! The Internet is rather magical). Become as knowledgeable as possible, and display your knowledge.

Do you have a telephone interview upcoming? It’s best if you have (gasp) a land line, and you must have printed documents at the ready in case the Internet goes down. Your Jack Russell terrier and parakeet should NOT be in the room. You may wear (or not wear) whatever you want, but pay careful attention to your body language and voice. Walking while talking is a good proprioception tactic, but no drinking or eating (or yodeling, unless that’s in the job description). Always end with a request to talk further, because you want that face-to-face meeting. And send your thank-you note within two hours after you click off.

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