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With more than 30 years of experience, Career Resume Service offers unparalleled credentials. Clients have included:

  • sales representatives
  • government staff
  • accountants
  • retail managers
  • nurses/physicians
  • students
  • military personnel
  • teachers
  • engineers
  • bankers
  • production workers
  • drivers
  • PR/advertising specialists
  • technicians
  • equipment operators
  • chemists
  • environmentalists
  • interior designers
  • carpenters
  • veterinary assistants
  • photographers
  • models
  • estheticians
  • food brokers
  • therapists
  • COOs, CFOs, CEOs, CTOs
  • physical therapists
  • pilots
  • CNAs
  • warehouse/logistics staff
  • marketing specialists
  • actors/artists/musicians
  • executives
  • social services personnel
  • purchasing agents
  • event planners
  • HR specialists
  • firefighters/police officers
  • distribution specialists
  • administrators
  • estimators
  • operations and transportation managers
  • retirees
  • security specialists
  • parents returning to workforce
  • facility managers
  • physical therapists
  • nonprofit directors
  • city managers
  • social media specialists
  • radiographers
  • arborists
  • elected officials
  • fraud investigators
  • data analysts
  • corrections officers
  • federal government personnel
  • parasailing instructors

Every CRS project is a cooperative effort. You will receive your draft 1-3 days after all your information is in, and your input on the draft is important. That document reflects a marriage between what we feel best represents you and what you want to say.

There is no “one size fits none.” This is a locally-owned business offering client-specific counseling and writing.

In the archives here are resumes for CIA operatives, professional athletes, cow inseminators, bodyguards, exotic dancers, neon benders, lobbyists, interior designers, musicians, illusionists, detectives, mountaineers, personal assistants to English lords, master baiters (yes), acupuncturists, hair stylists, poker dealers, translators, diplomats, surgeons, bull riders, and child stars.

Note: We don’t input federal resumes (to USAjobs site), but we are very familiar with them and can craft the content for you.

For counseling/consultation, the charge is $75 an hour (price recently lowered because counseling is so much fun), with session length and content up to you. You may ask about interview apparel/preparation,  salary negotiation, thank-you letters, anxiety remediation, and life challenges including health/medicine, parenting, relationships, conflict resolution, altruism, grief, transition, and goal setting.

Production prices are project based. Please call or e-mail for a bid.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay for a new document or rewrite, choose the critique option, $65 per page. Though it does not include production, this analysis tells you how to “fix” whatever ails your material, and it will be finished within 24 hours.

Quick reviews of documents are always free.

We Also Do…

  • cover letters
  • Internet searches
  • Dear John letters
  • applications
  • resignation letters
  • salary histories
  • follow-up letters
  • thank-you notes
  • author bios
  • mission statements
  • love letters
  • curriculum vitae
  • recommendation letters
  • business plans
  • corporate brochures
  • proposals
  • personal ads
  • eulogies
  • book editing
  • letters of complaint

Try Us First…

… because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and because your SECOND impression might be the one to change your life.



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